Look at the options that we have available for your boat. All of these are available at the time that you order your boat. How many other manufacturers out there will build the boat just the way that you want?

Did you find something that you like? Just let our dealers know.

Drop Deck Feature

Plenty of space. Decks are installed with a standard pedestal welded in place.

Floor Options

Floors installed in the bottom of the boat to cover ribs and floatation, this makes it easier for movement around the boat.

Freestanding Livewell or Storage Box

This box can be used to store just about anything. The standard size are 14" wide x 12" tall x 16" long. Custom dimensions are optional.

Gun/Rod Box

Gun/Rod Box can be used to store your firearms or fishing rods, along with other things that are long and just do not fit anywhere else. Optional Lockable Locks

Side Skins

Sides Skins cover your side ribs and foam, to make your boat look neat and makes for a sleeker appearance.

Trolling Motor Stand

Trolling Motor Stand welded to gunwale of the boat. Allows for a sturdier mounting surface for your trolling motor.

Tunnel Hull

This option allows you to raise your motor higher in the water and still draw the amount needed for you to travel in shallower waters. This is a great Duck Hunters feature.

Welded Bases

These bases are welded to the deck surfaces of the boat, and make for sturdier mounting of the seats.


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