Statement of Boat Warranty

Warranty Important Notice
All boat manufactures are required by Federal Law to notify first time owners in the event and defect is discovered "which created a substantial risk of personal injury to the public." Failure of the purchaser to return the attached Validation Card will waive the right to notification of defect and repair at manufacture's expense. In order that we can comply with the law if it becomes necessary, it is essential that your Validation Card have the owner's name, address and boat serial number (HIN) be completed and mailed (Federal Boat Act of 1971, Subsection 15b).
Statement of Limited and Limited Lifetime Hull Warranty
MANUFACTURE'S LIMITED and LIMITED LIFETIME OWNERSHIP WARRANTY: Prairie Adventure LLC warrants to the original purchaser, that each new welded (limited lifetime ownership) boat is free from defect in aluminum materials used in its construction and that each new boat is free from defects in workmanship, for as long as the original owner retains the boat (with the exception the limitations stated below in the limitations on written warranty).
OWNERS REGISTRARION REQUIRED: This warranty is valid only if the attached owner' registration card is filled out and mailed to Prairie Adventure LLC within (7) business days of the date of purchase, accompanied with receipt.
LIMITATIONS ON WRITTEN WARRANTY: Prairie Adventure LLC warranty is specifically limited to the items on its own manufacture and to proper installation of items manufactured by others which were installed by Prairie Adventure LLC in its factory. Necessary adjustments to items not manufactured by Prairie Adventure LLC are the responsibility of the respective manufactures. Therefore, this is a limited warranty and does not cover the following:
(1) Failure (not attributed to improper factory installation of electrical systems, lighting systems, steering systems, paint, windshields, vinyl chairs, carpets, ECT.
(2) Abuse, commercial use, or under abnormal conditions to be determined by Prairie Adventure LLC.
3) Damage resulting from improper trailing, overloading, overpowering, alteration of boat, commercial use, or dealer installation of machinery, or equipment.
4) Any incidental of consequential damages. NOTE: Some states do no allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.
LIMITATION ON IMPLIED WARRANTIES: Any implied warranty, including any implied to a period of merchantability and any implied warranty of fitness for any particular use, is limited to a the period specified herein.
PROCEDURE TO OBTAIN PERFORMANCE OF ANY WARRANTY OBLIGATION: Prairie Adventure LLC is the exclusive warrantor of all obligations under the statement of warranty. Prairie Adventure LLC neither assumes nor authorizes any person or firm to assume for it any additional liability or warranty connection with Prairie Adventure LLC.
In order to obtain performance of any warranty obligation, and original purchaser should contact the dealer from whom he purchased his boat (Whose address appears at the end of this warranty).
The dealer will examine your boat. He is required to contact Prairie Adventure LLC and explain the nature of your problem. Should Prairie Adventure LLC determine that a defect exists which is covered by the warranty, it will authorize repair or request the factory repair it. Repairs so authorized will be made free of charge, either by an authorized dealer of, Prairie Adventure LLC, or at Prairie Adventure LLC option at its factory in West Point, MS. Should Prairie Adventure LLC determine the repairs should be made at the factory in West Point, MS the boat may be returned to the factory by an authorized Prairie Adventure LLC employee at owners expense on the going rate for delivery, or, if Prairie Adventure LLC authorizes a boat return to the factory for repairs, a purchaser may elect to return the boat to the factory himself at his own expense.
Prairie Adventure LLC desires to satisfy each of its customers. Prairie Adventure LLC fully stands behind the coverage of the statement of warranty to achieve this goal. This warranty gives you, as a purchaser, specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

TRANSFERIBLE LIMITED LIFETIME OWNERSHIP HULL WARRANTY: The sequential owner may purchase from Prairie Adventure the same warranty herein this document, upon contacting Prairie Adventure LLC within (5) business, and providing the same type of information as the previous owner, accompanied with a copy of a bill of sale. Warranties purchased will be prorated on the original purchase date, according to model and year.


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